Fuss free skin care on the move from Grüum

All photography in this post comes from Jordan Wright

All photography in this post comes from Jordan Wright

Whether you’re a weekend citybreak-er, two week round the pool-er or a proud backpacker, preparing to head away–regardless of the length of your trip–involves a bit of organisation and planning to ensure you’re prepared for the journey ahead.

Why is this important? Well regardless of whether it’s a night in London, a weekend in Europe or a week in New York, I always want to be nice and comfortable. If I’m comfortable in what I’m wearing (both in terms of being prepared for the weather and generally enjoying my outfits), I can totally forget about my bag of gear and just immerse myself in wherever I am.  

As a fan of being organised and on the ball (which comes from being innately clumsy), one aspect of my packing routine I’m always cautious of forgetting about is toiletries. This worry comes from the fact my toiletries are needed at home right before heading to the airport, meaning they are so easy to forget… 

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The team at Grüum sent me through a sample of their product range to try out, which just so happened to coincide with trips to Denmark and Sweden this summer. Grüum’s monthly grooming service aims to take the hassle out of keeping up a killer skin care routine. By sending you a tailored mix of beard, skin and shaving products on a monthly basis, men can look after their skin without having to put in the research or remember to buy anything when it runs out. Easy peasy.

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The Grüum kit is a real helping hand when packing for flights as everything comes in less than 100ml bottles, which are suitable for hand luggage. The transparent plastic packaging (which is also waterproof) means you don’t have to worry about moving carry-on toiletries into them annoying little plastic bags at the airport, taking another little task/ worry off your plate when you get to the airport.

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The biggest benefit of Grüum for me, though, is knowing I’ve got a whole shaving and skincare routine that I can keep aside just for traveling. It drastically reduces the chances of me forgetting things, as I can pack it away along with the rest of my belongings and know it’s sorted. Whether it's a quick trip to the gym or a weekend at a festival, having a bag of toiletries ready and waiting makes getting going quick and easy.

gruum skincare overdiluted

From facial tonic and beard oil through face wash and shave gel, Grüum dot com is a bit of a one-stop shop for face care. For between 20 and 40 quid, depending on how many products you require, you’ve got a tailor made, ready to go travel pack of toiletries. Of course, Grüum is a whole load of useful even when you’re not traveling, but if you find yourself regularly away in some form, whether for work or play, it’s handy to have something to call on.

For more information, and to pick up a kit, head to Grüum dot com.

The products in this post were gifted by Grüum. Thanks to the partners and readers that make creating new content possible.