Gabriel Garzon-Montano - Crawl

Gabriel Garzón-Montano's Crawl is well-timed. It's a warm track that reminds you that no matter how bad things might seem, brighter times are coming. Whether Winter is dragging its heels a little too much or work is getting on top of you, this is a tune that will provide a resounding reassurance that you just can't ignore.

What's so special? Well, Crawl, the first single from Gabriel Garzón-Montano's debut LP–Jardín–has been my everyday soundtrack since I first heard it a few weeks back. It's comforting, vibrant and straight-up cool, plus there's a funk to it that will make you feel a little bit special, almost invincible, and we could all do with a little bit of that every once in a while. Whether you spend hours diving headfirst into piles of records or only listen to music via your car radio, this is great music that we can all appreciate, and finding common ground is kind of what music is all about.

Gabriel Garzon Montano flatlay.jpg

Gabriel gained some attention and notoriety after being sampled by Drake a couple of years back, but I'm conscious that the attention shouldn't be focused on Drake here, he gets quite enough attention as it is. Getting sampled by such a huge artist might seem amazing on the surface, but some musicians never quite escape that time they were featured, sampled or mentioned by someone their senior. However, the sounds on offer here deserve a legacy far greater than the fact Gabriel once received a co-sign.

With recent releases from the likes of Loyle Carner and Sampha on heavy rotation for many right now, Jardín will provide you with a bit of on-genre further listening. It's light and soothing yet deep and fun. It's all kinds of things, and that's where the magic happens.

Listen to Crawl, and all of Jardín, on Apple Music, Spotify and then usual places.