Future + DJ Esco - 56 Nights

Rappers put out a lot of mixtapes. It’s great, obviously, but it’s really hard to keep track of whos put out what and give everything a chance. Because of that, I kind of steer clear of mixtapes per se until I’ve heard good things.
Take Gucci Mane for example, his people are keeping him relevant during like 2 or 3 years of jail time with a steady stream of releases. That’s great, but there’s no chance they can all be good… even if they are, I just don’t need to hear that much Gucci, really.

With that in mind, I feel it’s worth spending a few hundred words on Future’s latest tape 56 Nights, an out of the blue drop which exists in recognition of DJ Esco’s 56 nights in Dubai prison.

Inward and substance laden, heavy and ignorant, this is Future at his most reflective and it can, at times, sound a little worrying. It’s also really steady and consistent, not relying on club songs or features to carry it through.

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