Form and Thread release t-shirts and sweats

Honing in to make one of the more mundane aspects of our daily wardrobe pretty special, Form and Thread expand their impressively high quality, affordable sock delivery service to include a range of T-shirts and Raglan Sweats.

Cutting out bricks and mortar expenses and bringing a kind of stripped back, startup model to the world of Menswear, the word of Form and Thread spread pretty fast last year, with the guys racking up mentions in all the right places, such as Monocle, pretty early on into their endeavour. We caught up with them pretty early on in their endeavour, you can read our interview with co-Founder Rich Jeal here.

What works so well for this brand is the simplicity of it all. Why splash out on a pair of trainers or a shirt and overlook the socks or t-shirt sitting underneath? The answer to that question, more often than not, comes down to how much money we have to spend on an outfit. The basic aspects of an outfit are likely to get overlooked while we focus on parts of the outfit that are a little more fun, but with the Form and Thread philosophy, that need not be the case any longer.

It’s not very often that quality and price align quite as well, and as honestly, as they do with Form and Thread, it’s very refreshing to see. With jumpers coming in at £40 and tees at £25, these are essentials for all seasons at high street prices and boutique quality.

Get your F&T summer essentials today.