Fat Trel + Mane Mane - Finesse Gang Mixtape

There’s a constant stream of street mixtapes coming out of US cities. It’s easy to let them pass you by, with trap rappers putting out so much music it becomes difficult to keep up or even differentiate releases.

Finesse Gang is a joint tape bringing DC and Chicago rappers Fat Trel and ManeMane together, with Young Chop taking care of the majority of production alongside a track or two from DY808, Cash Bag Beats among others.

The reason I’m drawn to this tape - and trap in general - is that sometimes it’s nice to put aside artistic sentiment and listen to something raw, straight-up and heavy, which is exactly what Finesse Gang offers.

Fairly chilled out beats juxtapose interestingly alongside tough and swagged out verses, making for a varied and abrasive listen that in many ways is reminiscent of finessing itself.

If you’re short on time, Aquafina, Money Calling and Runway are stand outs, although at only 10 tracks long, this is a tape worth checking out in full.