Creative collective Eclectics release first album The Island

A large amount of electronic music culture lives online today. From MacBooks and smartphones, artists collaborate, DJs keep an ear out for new sounds and labels grow their rosters. With the release of their first album, The Island, Future sound collective Eclectics channel your online attention to the crew's home of Luton, England, providing some IRL context to their interesting, innovative work. It might not be known as the most beautiful place in the U.K., but Luton sure sounds it on this release...


The short summary of this compilation is that Eclectics have got things very right. Individually, the tracks are impressive, spanning from uplifting trap bangers to smooth, jazzy cuts, plus everything you've ever wanted in between. Collectively, by taking a power in numbers approach, the crew leave you in awe of their talent and shared vision. This isn't just some tracks bundled together with some artwork and uploaded to Soundcloud, it has purpose, meaning and it evokes a range of emotions. Welcome to the world of Eclectics.

Kicking things off is Sekta Beats, an artist new to us that eases you in with soothing, floating tones, before making way for The Hotel, JVNTG and Joe Mechanoid among others; the latter of which stands out as the only vocal artist on the album.

One that's ruled by a keen ear for depth, progression and good vibes, the world of Eclectics is one where you should spend the time to really get lost. We're such fans of this release that it doesn't feel fair to single out certain tracks above others, although–if pressed–JVNTG, J.AR.J and Soyas would all be up there.

Seeing off proceedings some ten tracks later with a deep, slow number, Hurricane gets an opportunity to close things off, which–when you're an independent producer  putting out tracks one by one–must be nice to do, and it's safe to say he does it justice.

The Island is one of those that you just need to listen through properly to appreciate, and we really urge you to do so. The world is pretty weird right now, and the nights are dark and cold. The Island provides the opportunity for the sort of outright escapism we should all seek out from time to time.