Dressing for the Sun on a Budget

Summer is approaching faster than a sunburnt student chasing a Frisbee. It might not be that much different to the rest of the year, but here in the UK, it's a pretty big deal when the air temperature passes 15 degrees. My wardrobe is usually pretty badly prepared for the warmer weather; most summers  involve  one of three pairs of shorts with much of the same stuff I've been wearing all winter. As is probably (definitely) the situation with most other people in their early twenties, tight finances play a major role in the clothes I can afford. The gap between what I wear and what I like to wear is pretty disparate. I've thrown together a few of the things I'm eyeing up this summer, without any silly price tags and plenty of practicality.

Set - Bucket Hat

Based in the North East of England, Set have been putting out current, staple pieces at a real honest price for the past couple of years. I've been reluctant to buy a bucket hat as I've never been sure how much wear I'd get out of it. At twenty pound a pop, this hat did the last bit of convincing. Not only does it look pretty smart, but I'm sure it will do you a few favours in the sun. Set have a cool range of skate influenced stuff, including this hat in a few crazy tie-dye variants if you're feeling a little fruity.

Norse Projects - Camo Short

Norse Projects might be a little bit of an obvious pick, considering the unsolicited popularity of their functional pieces, but I was really on the look out for a decent camo short. I love camo but I can't escape the thought of going paintballing whenever it's mentioned, so anything digicamo or a slight variant on the theme is great. These shorts are yours for one hundred english pounds, which is on the top end of my budget, but are definitely a decent price tag for this bright, durable short.

Northern Goods Co - Key Clip

On the back of the shorts (quite literally), I've seen a cool little key clip from Northern Goods Co. This is much nicer than the 3 pound Ebay carabiner I've been using for about six months. The clips are made by hand, using Military Grade paracord, so you could do some James Bond stuff with it if you're that way inclined. One of these bad boys can be yours from as little as 15 pounds.

Summer Tees

As for tee shirts, I'm probably going to stock up on pieces from Undefeated, YMC, Brooklyn We Go Hard and Carharrt. This bit is pretty straight forward. We all know tee shirts, and it's easy to pick something decent up for between 40 quid and 70 quid. I'm definitely going to be picking up one or two things a month in order to be fully stocked come festivals and holidays in July.

Crap Eyewear - T.V. Eye Sunglasses

 My pals in Best Friends got a few pairs of these sent through, and I think they're some of the sickest, best value shades I've come across. I use the word value with caution as I'm aware that cheap sunglasses usually result in a lot of squinting, but wearing a pair I was really impressed. Crap Eyewear hail from LA and while I hadn't heard of them until recently, they have an established range of styles. A pair will set you back about thirty quid before you've paid any import duty.