Drake - JUNGLE + new mixtape

The man who's about to earn a fortune in Spotify royalties this Valentines weekend, Drake has thrown the world a bone with a 15 minute short film, Jungle, and a new mixtape, If You're Reading This It's Too Late

Going beyond the realms of album teaser or out-the-blue music video, Jungle came out on 12/02 with the tape coming like 24 hours later.

Drake has been on a bit of an unstoppable winning streak for pretty much all of his career, now at the level where his cosign and OVO Sound imprint hold an insane amount of power, so dropping so much out of the blue is quite a cool approach. 

There's little to learn from the flick, it looks cool and it features some nice OVO Canada Goose jackets, and the mixtape sounds cool but I haven't even listened to it all yet. I guess the message with all of this, though, is that Drake hasn't gone away, and if he did, he's back.