Da$h - Skrewface EP

New Jersey’s Da$h delivers his strongest project to date, the aptly titled Skrewface, a snotty and fired up 7 track album.

Delivered with signature slurred-out, ignorant venom, Skrewface is dismissive, angry but still quick witted and clever, with very fitting features from Maxo Kream, Chyna and of course, RetcH. Reclusive, syrup-heavy but still banging, there’s more depth than you might expect for an album with a lean-related title.

Skrewface is a short, sharp and heavy album from an artist who I know many have been awaiting something from. Standouts are the Maxo featuring 7 Day Theory and Mudd Walk, the Metroboomin’ produced banger that came out a few months back.