Darq E Freaker - #DONTFREAKOUT

Darq E Freaker does amazing things for the international perception of British Urban music with new mixtape #Dontfreakout.

Pooling an eclectic group of super hot talent to assist over the sorts of worldly and hectic beats Darq E is known for, Don't Freak Out is ten tracks spanning every genre,  sound and emotion imaginable.

In the main, Freaker fuses a Grime and trap aesthetic into something he calls Urban Electronica. This unique sound is so varied and eclectic it allows him to call on an interesting mix of talent to work with on each track to take his clubby, turn up and other-worldly production that extra step further.

While kids around the world might be getting into Grime after rinsing That's Not Me for a minute last year, Darq E does his thing while bringing some internationally lesser known Grime talent to the global fore with Maxsta and D Double E both featuring on the release. However this isn't just a one-way exchange, it's a real cross-pollination from a true tastemaker, with a blend of stateside artists also making the cut, with Freaker, in turn, introducing a Grime-centric following to artists such as Peryon J Lee, Scruffizer, Dai Burger and Chynna, who all feature to make this a truly rounded and worldly release.

Don't Freak Out showcases Dark E Freaker pioneering a sound, educating the world and showing an exciting vision as an executive producer. He brings in the talent to suit his sounds and works to create truly collaborative tracks. It doesn't feel like 16 bars are just dropped over a beat, more that Freaker has worked with each artist to explain the vibe and direction of the track, ensuring the final product does both artist and producer justice.