Danny Seth - Perception

British Hip-Hop has long suffered an identity crisis. Sitting in the shadow of grime and US hip-hop, it’s only over the past few years that I’ve noticed things beginning to change. The internet allows artists and producers to work regardless of location and fans to listen in and share the message of their newfound favourites, whether they come from Asia, Europe or America, helping fans to begin moving away from regional assumptions. 

Rapping through criticism, preconceptions and eating cynics alive over the past few years, Danny Seth is leading the charge as one of the brightest young stars in hip-hop, not just in the UK but around the world. I first wrote about him back in 2013, when the sound of heavy, tight and clean trap beats seemed so new and fresh to me. Danny stood out as one of the few people from this side of the Atlantic to take on that kind of sound and really do it justice without trying to act like an American rapper.

Over the past few years Danny has created his own lane and now he has an album, Perception, that truly shows off what he’s been working toward and trying to achieve. With slick art direction and super consistent production (for the most part courtesy of Zach Nahome, Ducko Mclfi + MD$) this is an album at a scale that has the capability of changing things not only for Danny but for British hip-hop.

The 17 track album is a bit of a masterpiece, with a theme of near-classical production working to keep things moving in and between tracks. Perception is all about breaking the mould and ignoring how you might be perceived to pursue dreams, something that a white Jewish kid from London trying to make it as a credible rapper knows a thing or two about.

The British are coming and I can’t wait to see what they do next. Listen and download Perception on Soundcloud.

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