DANNY SETH is a 22-year old kid rapping out of London, England. I've been pretty slow on the uptake of this one; after hearing the tune £££ a good while back, which takes production from THE GAME - HOLY WATER, I never got round to listening to anything else. The name cropped up again recently, featuring on the Been Trill - In The Field mixtape that came out a couple weeks back. DANNY's laid back style is really interesting, his lyrics are pretty straight up, which often makes them feel kinda dark, whilst his production takes a little bit from the dirty south, and a lot from pretty much everywhere else, giving a nice rounded feel to his second body of work, Prespliffs Vol II. https://soundcloud.com/dannyseth/grands

From a standing start, theres three tracks worth your time on that mixtape: Toronto, which is probably the biggest banger on the tape, and kinda reminds me of James Ferarro or something. Next up is Stereotypes, which has soul like an early Jurassic 5 effort, with a pretty strong message that's kinda clear from the title alone. And finally, give Woop a listen, with it's simple beat that gives DVNNY room to show how he's got flow beyond his years.

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Download his mixtape, Prespliffs II, here.