Cult Mountain

With London producer Sumgii providing a dark and steady backdrop, Milkavelli, Trellion and Lee Scott trade verses over seven tracks of benzo-induced genius. The album in question is Cult Mountain's debut self titled EP, which sees four equally respected and talented members of the British hip hop community coming together to make music that sounds a little bit like nightmares and headaches.

It's nice to see a debut release coming out on vinyl and tape - with most fans happy streaming or downloading free mixtapes, physical releases are somewhat overlooked in rap today. There's no autotune or over the top layering in sight, it's a simple, well-executed sound which certainly suits the back to basics, analogue release. 

All in all, this is a tidy, consistently interesting introduction to a group who you really have to see and hear to believe. Cult Mountain have a winning formula which is kind of hard to articulate - at times it's tongue in cheek and funny, although consistently sharp and dark enough to keep you from laughing.

Listen above or buy Cult Mountain's debut EP here