Have fun with prescription glasses thanks to Cubitts

Cubitts are making shopping for and wearing glasses a whole lot more fun, providing a really slick range of classic contemporary frames at a really honest price.

After wearing glasses for over 10 years, the recent growth in independent glasses upstarts such as David Kind, Banton Frameworks and the aforementioned Cubitts has had me pretty excited. For years, choosing prescription glasses meant a trip to your usual high street opticians for a pair of frames that looked okay and didn’t break the bank. They always did the job, but for the more sartorially inclined, they’re never quite perfect, which means you’re looking at designer frames plus the cost of lenses.

Cubitts offer handmade frames in a sweet set of colourings to suit all tastes and complexions. The consistency of colour on offer makes it much easier to shop with, while the growing range of styles isn’t so big that you feel overwhelmed. Both store and website are organised logically to help you find the exact pair for you, making the whole service feel pretty bespoke. At a modest £125, you really can’t go wrong, especially when you throw in a free home trial (allowing you to try out up to four pairs), lenses and accessories.


It’s a sensible means of shopping without unnecessary frivolities coupled with an end product that really stands up to the test. Taking eye measurements remotely using only your webcam, you don’t have to leave your sofa (although I did to try a few out), while the end result is comfy and exactly as described online. Whether you like to try out new looks or have a textbook glasses style you like to stick with, Cubitts has you covered.

Having dodgy eyesight isn’t that fun, so why not get some enjoyment out of it? I opted for a pair of the Ampton in Quartz as I’ve been intrigued by a pair of clear frames for ages. They always seem to add an extra special finishing touch to outfits.

With sunglasses and a full women's range available too, you should waste no time in checking out Cubitts the next time you’re due a new pair of specs.