Cold Heart Collective - Spiritual Playboy Capsule Collection

Fusing ethics learnt from the UK hardcore scene and returning for their first clothing collection in 3 years, Cold Heart Collective have just released Spiritual Playboy, a bright capsule collection taking influence from Osho, an Indian mystic and spiritual teacher.

Osho controversially used sex and materialism as a means for furthering spiritual growth, eventually racking up 93 Rolls Royces (donated by his followers) and a large commune… perfect inspiration for a collection of clothing.

Cold Heart Collective’s punk affiliations bring brands such as Brain Dead and Fucking Awesome to mind while the ease and wearability also reminds of stuff from Roundel and Palace, and if you hadn't had enough comparisons, there's also this kind of discerning high fashion (intenional or not, I don't know) feel akin to brands like ACOLDWALL.

The short but very sweet collection is made up of yellow and red pieces in vivid, warning light tones. A closer look at each item shows this is much more than your average rough and ready clothing collective, with wavey spinal cord detail sitting underneath an opaque, applique pocket on the back of each hoody. As for each tee, full-colour Osho images work nicely with the loud colourings of the shirt, finished off in super cool 90’s fashion with an opaque kagool pocket for your phone or loose change or whatever.

It’s nice to see an honest influence in a collection that really flows through everything, as supposed to using a theme as a loose and irrelevant PR angle. Spiritual Playboy is an apt term for the collection, hinting at how the collection looks very raw and irrational while also considered and precise: clever and non-material but with the hastiness and disregard of a true playboy.

Cold Heart Collective are keeping DIY ethics intact while technically moving well beyond the kind of in-house screenprinting you’d expect from a bunch of friends looking to produce some cool gear for each other. This capsule collection is a refreshing and very thorough approach to everyday, down to earth menswear - I’m pretty excited to see more from the Liverpool-based collective very soon.

Pick the collection up (in limited numbers) exclusively from the Cold Heart Collective web store.