Check out Hurricane's debut EP, Textures

Textures by Hurricane Overdiluted

A while ago I linked up with Hurricane for a shoot and an interview in which he announced the release of his first single, which would prime listeners for the release of his debut project, Textures, which has just come out on Spotify, Soundcloud, Apple Music and the other major streaming services.

If you’re new to Overdiluted or Hurricane, let us bring you up to speed. Hurricane creates music for the good times, but in a mellow, chilled and vibrant way. Textures is probably a good word to describe his music, so it’s certainly an apt title. Hurricane’s sounds are perfect for when you’re chilling in the sun, feeling reflective and a little bit unstoppable. It’s honest music that’s an interesting reflection of its creator, 23-year-old Lewis Holmes, a guy who’s innately relaxed and chilled out.

Lewis Holmes aka Hurricane by Jake Story, Overdiluted

Lewis Holmes aka Hurricane by Jake Story, Overdiluted

Textures is the culmination of years of exquisitely transportive bedroom-made beats; a growing list of brilliant production credit for brilliant UK up and comers; a growing network of selectors, forward-thinking tastemakers and DJs.

Over the last few years, Hurricane has released a track here and a track there that each turn heads and grow his notoriety incrementally and organically. Holding off from putting out too much music, Lewis has waited until the time is just right to put out a “proper” release... and boy does it sound right.

A brilliant 5 track introduction to the mind of one of our favourite artists, Textures ebbs and flows like the sea on a white sandy beach, with interesting touches and clever tones moving at a comfortable and almost familiar way. Check it out above and share with your friends if you like what you hear.