An interview with London's Casso Clay

London-based multi-instrumental hip hop artist Casso Clay has been on our radar for sometime. Despite having yet to release an EP, his SoundCloud displays an impressive ear for blending sounds and vibes to create something that's rooted in jazz and hip-hop while sounding like something altogether different, new and very fresh.

Clay’s music soaks up many sounds to create a powerful yet laid-back aesthetic that very much sounds like something birthed from London; a city with a vivid mix of lifestyle, culture and sound that makes it, and the music that comes out of it, different to anywhere else in the world.

The spirit of punk, an appreciation of hip-hop and a forever stoned and slacker feel all make Casso’s music intriguing, likeable and difficult to sum up, leaving us pretty excited for his debut EP. While we patiently wait for that to come out, Overdiluted caught up with him to find out more on this interesting young artist, check it out below.

Describe your sound.
Melancholic groove.

What's the best thing about making music?
It's fun, and good for getting shit off your chest. Even if only you really know what you're actually talking about. Distracting yourself from 'normal life', even though most of the lyrics are about normal life.

How long have you been rapping and how did you get into it?
Since I was like 12/13 on and off. I got into it through wanting to be like local grime MCs and shit, just being into music in general and wanting to make everything. Before I started spitting on grime beats I was playing guitar and writing punk songs though.


Your music doesn't really sound like anything else I've heard before - Is that intentional?
Nah I think that's just natural, I've never forced any sound.

Tell me a little about your songwriting and production process.
I do most of it on my own but I work with my boys a lot too. I've worked with strangers too. I like experimenting more on my own, cause I don't mind wasting my own time and that's good for coming up with new angles.

Is London a good place to be for an artist?
Yeah. It's just a big place with a lot of people init.

Name a few artists from London you're excited by right now.
Dean Blunt, Babyfather, TTY. I liked Only Real a lot but I hear he's hung up his boots.

Overdiluted mixes menswear and music so tell us a little about your style.
I just like comfy stuff and skatey stuff. Nike tracksuit bottoms are the one.

On a normal day what are on your feet, in your pockets and playing through your headphones.
On my feet... I have bare pairs of converse, just the original high top shits. In my pockets, I usually got a film canister, some paper, some fire, my phone with notes full of fire and some money (hopefully). And lately I just been listening to Jazz, Miles Davis - Bitches Brew, you can't walk about listening to that without feeling hyped.

What’s your all-time favourite album?
Ermmm... I have an EP coming out soon that's pretty sick.

What’s your biggest influence?

Keep up with Casso Clay on Soundcloud and Twitter.