Luxury British leather from Cameron Charles


Channeling Britain’s Rock n Roll past, Cameron Charles are a new British menswear brand bringing a touch of luxe to the classic leather jacket.

Launching this Autumn Winter, the brand blends a 60’s vibe reminiscent of The Stones and Zeppelin with Savile Row craft for a range of best of British jackets.

The leather jacket is an iconic piece that's been adopted by various subcultures over the years, from Rockers of the late 60’s through to Indie icons in the mid 00’s. Cameron Charles are doing a wardrobe staple like it's never been seen before, going less rugged and much more grand than you might be used to.  

I can imagine these jackets worn with a slim, striped tee, easy, slim jeans and well-worn Red Wing boots, bringing a real edge of luxury to an understated, everyday look. While Cameron Charles feels rather British, the deconstructed Neapolitan tailoring on show brings a much more continental approach to the fore. This is a brand that’s built from strong tailoring roots, underpinned by tried and tested styles in order to bring a new lease of life to a classic item. 

What’s really nice about Cameron Charles, and I guess the leather jacket in general, is that we can all relate to it in a slightly different way, due to the range of movements and subcultures that, over the years, have found their own sense of cool from a fundamentally similar jacket.

Head over to the Cameron Charles site, and be sure to follow them on Instagram, to keep up with the latest from this intriguing new luxury leatherware brand.