BuzzSumo - a marketing tool for bloggers

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 18.53.27
Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 18.53.27

Between the hours of 9-5, I'm paid to be a digital marketer. The problem with being a marketer is that even when you're not being paid, you can't help but relate everything to your work. You analyse adverts, emails, copy and tweets even when you don't want to.

When I began Overdiluted, I was determined to keep it a hobby and not turn it into a tiny version of my day job. You might think it's silly to not bother with SEO, analytics, link building or anything else, but it's a hobby - I do enough of that stuff all day at work. One day I might decide to invest some more time in it, but for now, I'm pretty happy with things being nice and simple.

One of the few things that I do use inside and outside of my work is BuzzSumo, a content marketing tool which lets you see the most shared content on a website or topic. At work, I use this to monitor competitor activity and identify areas that aren't being written about (so I can write about them). I actually found out I was plagiarised through Buzzsumo, and without it, I'd still be non the wiser.

If you are a blogger, or even if you just have a keen interest in a particular area, Buzzsumo lets you search for it and see who is writing about and sharing it. This is great for finding new blogs to follow, learning who the go-to people are or finding other posts to reference to strengthen something you're writing.

As a blog reader, it's much better to search a topic through Buzzsumo than Google or Bing, because it is the socially shared stuff which comes out on top; the stuff that people thought was good enough to share.

As a blog writer, you can search your own domain (as I have above), and see which of your content has been shared the most. Keep an eye on this for a while and you might begin to learn exactly what you're audience like, which is great because you can do more of the same.

As with most web based tools, there's a free and a paid version, but the free version is certainly enough for the small time blogger like myself. Check out BuzzSumo on Twitter @buzzsumo or try the tool for yourself here.