Birthday Boy and Drew Howard - Music to Soothe the Savage Youth

Music to Soothe the Savage Youth is the collaborative project from Drew Howard and Birthday boy, a rapper and producer duo who hail from the city of Toronto, Canada.

Leave Hotline Bling Vines and OVO assumptions at the door; the futuristic beats, slick flows, neo-soul aesthetic and general positive vibe of this 6 track EP are exactly the sort of warming, summery sounds you need as Winter sets in.

Birthday Boy’s production is all about the good times, creating laidback beats that air on the side of leftfield. It gives the EP a reflective, sun-filled vibe, chopping up light trap beats with an array of bright synths and sounds. Drew Howard flows, steps up and moves around with each glitch and change in tone that Birthday Boy adds, showing off his impressive ability as a vocalist and writer.

Collectively, we have an outstanding collaborative journey. Birthday Boy and Howard have collaborated to create a world filled with the relatable air of good times and the nuances of real life, something of which both artists equally contribute. This is worldly music made from the perspective of two Toronto natives who have met, connected and created through music alone.

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