Best Friends announce new single Happy Anniversary.

Sheffield band Best Friends have announced a double A side single going by the name of Happy Anniversary/Nosebleeds.

This is the bands third or fourth release through Art is Hard Records, who have also put out SPLASHH, Playlounge & The Black Tambourines to name a few.

Happy Anniversary  is a dreamy number which pulls together various elements all present in Best Friends' previous work. It feels like previous energies and ideas all being thoughtfully channeled to produce a track which not only sounds good, but feels right.

You've got your slacker gone crooner intro, which eventually dives into this bit that reminds me of Sonic Youth or something. This is the bit that's special, from the pleasantry's before it, to the fruity lead lines found after it, it's the  power-chord led cry for help which makes this song oh so special.

If we're going to pidgeon-hole, bands of this ilk always feel like summer, maybe hanging out or breaking up or whatever. With Happy Anniversary it feels like the positive, credible pidgeon-hole for a band who have got it so right whilst doing their own thing.

Open a beer, wear your sunglasses indoors or cut the sleeves off your Cactus Jack tee and tell me that this isn't the perfect track to do it to. Either way, pick up the 7" single when it drops at the back end of September here.