Autumn essentials from JD Sports

Forever looking for a positive spin on things, the change in seasons we're currently experiencing is a pretty good excuse to get your Autumn/ Winter wardrobe planned out. JD Sports are on hand to assist, with a load of the usual cost-effective and enduring picks to help you add that extra layer needed as the weather starts to cool.

JD autumn essentials

The difficulty with early Autumn is just how changeable things can be, with rapid rain making way for hot and sunny spells in a couple of hours. Counteract this with a light, breathable and rainproof layer you can call on to keep your dry (and not too hot), such as the lightweight Ellesse puffer jacket, or perhaps a Nike or adidas windbreaker. The windbreaker is an iconic piece of early 90's style that’s always been cool in our eyes. It’s a piece that will work well alongside your existing wardrobe, so definitely something to bear in mind when hitting up the shops come payday.

Before it’s too late and already 10 degrees every day, consider that there’s a fair chance some of your jumpers and hoodies need to be updated, having not seen the light of day since May.  Consider plain hoodies - in monochrome tones such as flecked grey and black - underneath a shirt for a little bit of a twist on the norm, something that works particularly well with overshirts while keeping you surprisingly toasty in the process.

JD Sports Autumn Essentials overdiluted



As for your feet, Autumn is a time for darker colours, with rain and puddles far more likely than in the season previous, so maybe hold back on suede and consider styles that will fare well in the rain. As always with JD, there's plenty of cutting edge and classic styles to choose from across brands like Nike, adidas, Asics and more. Our pick has to be the Nike Air Presto, a style that's been everywhere this year which looks ace in an all blacked colourway.

To take things a stylish step further, consider picking up a three pack of triple twisted yarn socks from the guys at Form and Thread. This adds an interesting depth to sneakers that we can't get enough of, and come with the added practicality of keeping your feet nice and warm as we head into Winter. Socks play particular importance in Autumn Winter, helping to keep things fresh when you’re constantly wrapped up in the same couple of big coats out of necessity.


Finally, future proof your winter trainers and shoes with a bottle of Jason Markk, the premium sneaker cleaner which gives your shoes a new lease of life... no matter how dirty you manage to get ‘em.

Feeling ready to hit Autumn? Head across to JD Sports to shop the Autumn Winter collection and begin prepping for colder, darker times.