Beating the summer/ autumn transition

Cold weather and shorter days might not be much fun, but when you live in a country like the UK, the sun can be a bit difficult to get used to dressing for when you don’t get much practice.

I like to layer up with overshirts, sweatshirts and light jackets, which all goes out of the window during the summer. As the temperature begins to cool but before we have to think about coats, scarves and boots, the easy, comfortable layered outfits are back on. With that in mind, I’ve picked out a few items to consider during the late summer/ early autumn transition, a time of year when the weather forecast is about as accurate as flipping a coin.

Elka Blavand Jacket 

An essential in a country that's so prone to rain, Elka rain jackets are real nice to look at, easy to wear and, most importantly, provide proper, all-weather support. One of the many examples of stripped back Scandinavian practicality that just happens to be totally timeless and stylish, too. Buy it here.






Percival Coach Jacket

An easy piece that will definitely have it's uses all year round, this lightweight coach is exactly the sort of stuff that Percival are known for - slick yet kinda stripped back pieces that have a distinctly British feel to them. It's made from British dry wax cotton, so ideal for every day and will keep you right during the odd shower, as well as looking cool with a hoodie or sweatshirt underneath. Buy it here.





Grind London Movements Long Sleeve

Longsleeve tees are the best. They're great with a short sleeve tee over the top, or with a pair of shorts, or under a shirt. There's something about their relaxed fit that I'm always drawn to, and this Grind London shirt is no different, with the addition of a nice motif in a cool green colour. Buy it here.






Slam Jam x Carhartt Michigan Coat

This collaborative coat between Slam Jam Socialism and Carhartt is a really nice, heavy denim twist on a chore coat, a style that's great for the colder months. The Michigan Coat treads closer to actual workwear han a lot of Carhartt's WIP stuff. While it is a pretty bold piece, the familiar style tones things down a little, plus the raw nature of the denim means it'll last years, which certainly isn't a bad thing. Buy it here.






Nomoi 966 Trouser 

A change from everyday denim or chino, Nomoi draws on military influence for this ace relaxed fatigue pant. A relaxed fit with tailored principles shining through, these are made from heavy cotton drill to allow the trouser to not only last but age nicely, too. Buy it here.






OTHER/Man Jack Navy Utility Blazer

The mix of workwear and tailoring make blazers of this ilk a real wardrobe staple, smartening things up without ever looking too smart. Great with a tee, shirt or scarf, this navy piece from Other/Shop's own brand is an effective way of doing smart without looking or feeling boring. Buy it here.







Soulland Eclipse Hoodie

Soulland's slightly skewed, leftfield approach to menswear makes them stand out amongst an impeccable roster of fellow Scandinavian brands. The Eclipse Hoodie is Soulland doing simple while remaining striking and interesting. Buy it here.