Get To Know 24hrs

24hrs Open overdiluted

Aspirational, laid-back and thuggishly cool, 24hrs is making after party-perfect R&B that’s open and refreshing yet straight up and cold hearted.

There’s no need to call music one thing or another, but with a sound that straddles several vibes, it’s difficult not to dissect things a little. Too chill and measured for trap but a touch too upbeat to call it R&B, 24hrs has a strong understanding of what’s been before and has struck a strong working partnership with Apex, who produces debut EP Open in its entirety. This results in a mix of bassy and lo-fi sounds which set a gritty yet polished late night scene for 24hrs’ verses perfectly.

A little bit like The Dream’s 2012 Terius Nash - 1977 release with Kevlar-donning gangster sensibilities, 24hrs’ unique vibe has seen him rack up millions of SoundCloud plays in a few short months like it’s nothing. You can’t help but imagine him signing to OVO and begin providing hooks for the biggest names in hip-hop somewhere down the line.

And that’s really saying something, artists in the digital age have to be more than just good. To catch the attention of anyone at all, you can’t just record some good songs and wait for the show offers to roll in. Those that really capitalise on the internet offer a steady stream of LP quality music that piques interest regularly enough without flooding the net. More and more artists are defining strong and unique aesthetics from the outset like some hip fashion brand, coming out looking like a Grammy-winning finished product, no matter how much the reality might differ.

It’s sad that there will most certainly be artists good enough to take on the world that we may never hear of, simply because they aren’t as acutely marketing-savvy as is needed in today’s digital culture. Everything must fall into place at the right time and be pushed out to exactly the right places for an artist to have any hope of moving forward.

24hrs has ticked all of the right boxes with the right level of mystique to get people talking and sharing while avoiding being anyway superficial or throw away. There’s an infectious steeze that keeps you hooked and before you know it, 24 is suddenly soundtracking your Summer.

Get to know 24’s debut EP Open above and keep an eye out on Twitter and Soundcloud for more.