I'm Jake Story, a menswear and music writer based in Brighton, U.K. I've been interested in fashion in some capacity since I was a teenager playing in bands and attending shows, but today menswear is a pastime, hobby and something that probably borders on obsession.

Overdiluted began as more of a website than a blog in 2014, with no mention of me or who was behind the site. At the time, I didn't want to be the focus of a blog or talk about myself; I just wanted to get involved in menswear in some capacity by writing about it.

Over the last few years, as Overdiluted has grown and I have grown with it, I've reached a point where I'm comfortable sharing looks, stepping in front of the lens and spreading the style of Overdiluted, something I've been playing around with and trying to define since I started this website nearly three years ago. 


The best thing about fashion is that, no matter what anyone says, there really isn't a right or wrong way to dress. It's about interpreting what you see around you, picking and choosing what you like and expressing yourself in a way that just feels right, which is where music comes back in. Also about self-expression, creativity and true independence, music is a secondary focus of Overdiluted, often overlapping with the menswear side of things quite nicely, but not featuring quite so prominently.

Expect down-to-earth commentary on collections, candid interviews with talented people doing cool stuff, and collaborations which put the Overdiluted touch on our favourite styles and brands.

The internet is an Overdiluted space, so I thank you for choosing to spend some of your time here.

- Jake Story